All About Medicare: An Introduction to an Influential Program

Learning all about Medicare is valuable for all people today, even if they’re not on Medicare themselves. Many people will eventually go on Medicare as they get older. This is a program that is a part of a lot of people’s lives, and it’s something that people should understand. They might have friends or relatives that are on this program, or they will in the future.

The Medicare program itself dates back to 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson got it started initially. However, it should be noted that it was not his idea alone. People in the nineteenth century were discussing programs like Medicare, even if they didn’t actually call them that. In the Progressive Era, the idea that it was the government’s responsibility to support its citizens became popular.

President Theodore Roosevelt was the first American president to discuss universal healthcare seriously. During his 1912 run for president, his platform actually featured health insurance. However, he didn’t make progress with it. Harry S. Truman had much more of an impact on the creation of the Medicare program than Theodore Roosevelt, even though Roosevelt did create a situation where generations of people had grown up with the idea.

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Truman wanted a complete national health insurance system. He wanted every American citizen to be able to benefit from this. While he never passed any bills related to universal healthcare during his presidential term, Truman still made the idea of such a program much more viable. He wanted this program to cover lab and nursing services as well as hospital and doctor visits. He even wanted dental care to be included, even though it was less common for people to see the dentist on a regular basis during that time period.

President John F. Kennedy also tried to get programs like Medicare passed, especially after learning about the fact that so many senior citizens were not supported by any form of health insurance. Johnson signed the legislation that made Medicare a reality, but he probably wouldn’t have done so if President Kennedy hadn’t pushed so hard for it in the first place.

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People who are interested in seeing where universal healthcare in America is going should know how long it took to get this far. In 1966, Americans were able to benefit from Medicare coverage for the first time, making it possible for a lot of people to even see the doctor’s in the first place.

It was obvious right away that Medicare was a very important program. This program had a budget of ten billion dollars when it was first introduced, which was an even larger sum of money in the 1960’s. Within the first year of the program’s existence, 19 million people had started to benefit from Medicare payments.

Richard M. Nixon was another notable president to expand Medicare. Before his changes to the program, Medicare mainly covered people who were over the age of sixty-five. After Nixon, the program also covered people below the age of sixty-five, assuming they had significant long-term disabilities. Patients who had end-stage renal disease also qualified, and this is still the case today in many states. Medicare supplemental insurance was introduced in the 1980’s.

Some of the negative predictions related to Medicare never came true. Many people argued that the program would more or less cause a governmental budget disaster if it ever came into practice. People actually still argue this today, in spite of the fact that it is an older program by this point in time. Generations of people have been on Medicare now, and generations of people will continue to use it.

The Baby Boom generation has become one of the largest retired generations in all of history. However, even their retirement has not be as expensive as a lot of people feared, in spite of the fact that many Baby Boomers are on Medicare. The Medicare program has become more efficient over the years, and yet many people have more coverage than they used to have. Careful budgeting has made all the difference in the lives of the people who truly need programs like Medicare.

Medicare is essential. Lots of people would actually lose their lives without it now. Without Medicare, many people would have to rely on their jobs for health insurance. This is impossible for many people in the modern era, including young people. Lots of employers no longer offer health benefits, or benefits of any kind. Getting a job of any kind is difficult for the most elderly people. In an era where even young professionals struggle to make a living, elderly people would have an even harder time supporting themselves without the benefit of programs like Medicare.

People who have disabilities are often frequently unable to work. The elderly and people who have disabilities need access to reliable medical care more than most people, and Medicare has made that possible for these individuals. This is a program that may only expand in the future, mirroring similar successful programs all throughout Europe.

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